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Welcome to the stillhouse. Kirsch is a distillate made from cherries, typical and traditional to Switzerland and regions in the Alps.

Endowed with a long and interesting history, Kirsch remained a niche spirit, with known strength and savored by local “spirits purist enthusiasts”.

After about 3 years of tasting (hard work!) with friends and experts on both sides of the Atlantic we finally reached the level of Mount Rigi – Flavor of the Alps.

Mount Rigi, incidentally, is that majestic mountain forming part of the Alps in the heart of Switzerland, home of Kirsch distilling.

Abounding botanicals releasing scents of unique alpine flavors – many of which we’ve captured, and blended with Kirsch.

Stir your appetite, your senses, even your memory!

Cheers and enjoy!
Alexander & Albert Tichelli



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